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Global Licensing, Inc. is a full-service intellectual property branding and licensing agency founded in 1994. We work extensively in all product categories with both manufacturers that wish to search and “license in” a brand name for their products, and with companies/brands that want to expand their reach and revenue by “licensing out” their brand into new product categories.


Whether you are the Licensee or Licensor, we can assist you in developing financially-beneficial programs that address your organization’s marketing and branding objectives.


The Licensor benefits from the following:

  • Royalty revenue with moderate investment of time and personnel.
  • Brand extension, either through additional product categories, distribution channels or geographic penetration.
  • Increased visibility, earning top-of-mind awareness and name recognition without significant financial investment.
  • Brand protection from misuse or encroachment.


The Licensee receives the following value:

  • Exclusivity.
  • Immediate brand recognition and identification with a new market segment.
  • Product differentiation.
  • Increased appeal to the brand-conscious consumer.
  • Increased appeal to brand conscious retailers.
  • Access to a personality, image or lifestyle with consumer value.
  • Advertising advantages from established Licensor programs.